Tuesday, June 1, 2010

黏土袖珍食物 miniature food

依旧是一些旧作品,想它们从FB"搬"过来 =D

Some of my old handmade - miniature food


第一个完成的袖珍食物; mixed fruit ice cream bowl. 那时对黏土的特性还不太了解,好像花了好些天才做好这一碗, 而且做好后才发现chocolate chip好像太大了  T_T

Mixed fruit ice cream bowl- my first miniature food, I have spent a few days to finish it as i know very little about resin clay, and after all, the chocolate chips are not in proper scale T_T


从灵儿的网站学来的烤鸡,原本我想应该放点番茄切片的,可是做来做去做不好,索性就"纯烤鸡"啦哈哈 ... 而盘子呢是用Mc Donald 放辣椒酱的塑胶盘底做成的。

I learned how to make this roasted chicken from 02 website, originally with the intention to serve it with some vegetables, but my sliced tomatoes  looked horrible so i gave up :P 


水果篮 fruit basket; 篮子是用不要了的信封编的, 顺便响应环保 ^^

Fruit basket, the basket is made from an old envelope ^^


炒面来啦, 我最喜欢吃荷包蛋了嘻嘻 :P 第一次学用AB胶做酱料, 自己觉得还可以做得更好! 

Fried noodles! This is the first time i learned how to use AB glue to make the sauce, and i think i can do better!


巧克力蓝莓蛋糕。我加了很多草莓因为草莓最容易做 :P

blueberry chocolate cake with lots of strawberries =D





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