Monday, May 31, 2010


把一些旧作品放上来... :P

These are my old clay dolls


snoopy! 有朋友超爱他的,所以做了一只给她 ^^

My friend's favourite cartoon character so i made one for her ^^


特地做了尾巴哈! Side view of the snoopy!



Then I made a small paper bag (from an old envelope) for the snoopy (about 3cm)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

手作-黏土手机吊饰 cellphone keychain

从书上参考了一些超kawaii的黏土手作,忍不住也做了几个 ^^ 

I learned these from a book, and they're really cute! 

小小蜜蜂 little bumble bee ^^

小小瓢虫, 超可爱的!The Ladybird

虫虫来咯,我给了他一个洋名叫little green :p

The caterpillar, i called him "little green" :P


I won't leave out the teddy bear  XD

熊猫先生 Mr Panda

小绵羊咩咩~~~, 这个是我本身最喜欢的, 因为我生肖也是羊嘛 ^^

The sheep, my most favourite ^^

蛋蛋女,材料是超轻土,名字好像... =.='' 所以我另外给了她个外号 "O.o"哈哈

Her symbol is O.o, she is made from super lightweight clay

蛋蛋仔... 外号"o.O", 就直接跟蛋蛋女相反就是了 :p

He is O.o's boyfriend, and his symbol is o.O :P

我的手作铺终于开张啦 ^ ^


I had always wanted to have my own blog dedicated to my handmade, but have been worried that I lack the perseverance to keep updating. But today, i've finally decided to create my blog ^^